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    What Society Has Wrong About Sleep.

    Most Americans have a problem that they are not aware of. Sleep has been demonized in our society, spend endless hours at the office and you become the hard-charging hero. What no one is talking about is the detrimental side effects of losing hours of sleep at night, day after day.


    1) Disrupting your hormone profile

    Nothing is more closely held to men and their masculinity than high levels of testosterone. When you forgo sleep, you are not allowing your body to produce the amount it needs to for the up coming day. Over time, this leads to chronic low t.


    2) Central Nervous System

    Elite Navy SEALs can only go for 5 1/2 days without sleep. Any more than that and their central nervous system will shut down and they will die. While you are not training to become America’s elite, losing bits of sleep each and every night will not allow your CNS to fulling recover and thus allow toxic chemicals to build up and slow you down.


    3) Muscle Recovery

    We get it, you are not training for the Arnold Classic but you do need your muscles to move about everyday. If they are not recovering in your sleep they will be trying to reconstruct during the day (or worse, breaking down). Add this to the fact that you already have low T (you too ladies, you need testosterone as well) you have one achey body.


    4) Brain Recovery

    Just the same as your CNS needs time to repair and rid itself from toxic waste produced throughout the day so does your brain. Sleep is also where you brain categorizes all the thoughts and memories from the day.


    So, wouldn’t you like to be smarter, faster on your feet, feel better, have an edge up on your colleagues and have a better sex life? Get your 9 hours of sleep! Yes, adults need 9, not 5 or 6 hours.